The Factions

The Nation States


Population Ethnicity:

Landians, Free Peoples, Dalack

Founded by a collection of races to weak to form independent factions. Various cultural laws govern the Alliance members and it’s military is a mixture of looted ships from the Schism or refitted merchant vessels pressed into military service. With no consistent unified voice the Alliance has difficulty pressing the Valdian Order or even making good on its treaties. However, when faced with an external threat the Alliance members can muster a staggering amount of ships rapidly, setting aside petty differences and welding together an Armada that easily exceeds the quantity of Valdia’s fleets, if not their quality.

Free from the dogmatic teachings of Steelbiusian engineering the Alliance has made breakthroughs in long range combat that often comes as a harsh revelation to Valdian and Outcast captains use to bullying the lighter Alliance craft.

This has created a gunnery culture which has bred some of the best shots in Targus, which is no surprise from a people who espouse the saying that “A fair fight is a loosing man’s game.”


Population Ethnicity:

Changed, Dalacks, Landian (slaves), Forsaken (Dalack offshoot)

The history of the Outcasts is at once both terrible and awe inspiring. During an age lost to the shadows of time, when Malack first made war on his brothers, the Outcasts came into being. The second children of Malack, the Changed, are the true born sons of Arelack God of change. As the war escalated Malack pushed his adopted children to greater and more desperate heights, melding their flesh with weapons of war and destruction. The insanity which grew from Malacks machinations can only be described as demonic, as they began to no longer resemble men. The Dalack came third, and through blasphemies and dark magic the children of Gorlack, God of Goodwill and Hope, splintered into many groups.

Those that are the most cursed are the Forsaken. As Malack stood over his slain brother he invited Gorlack’s children to sup on the blood of their father.

Those that partook of this unholy sacrament are the most reviled, godless heathens that not even the Changed treat as equals. Forced to sup on the living, the Forsaken can blend into the societies of men almost unnoticed till they strike.

Though the Changed may warp themselves into monstrous beasts of immense strength and power, no ruler fears them as much as a Forsaken dagger in the night.



Population Ethnicity:

Merc, Free Peoples, Spice Hills

The mercenaries nation were once the medical core, frontline medic’s, doctors, and surgeons utilising medical frigates travelling from nation to nation, port to port carrying out medical front line work helping those in need. providing basic services and teaching those who wanted to know the craft.

However over time the Port Authorities became greedy charging for access to these services, both shocked and angry they responded by landing in ad-hoc places to improve the welfare of the people. Such actions angered the authorities and so started the five year quiet war. This came crashing down when epidemics and poor health started to spread amongst the populations. Yet the quiet war were enough to force the medical fleet to look at themselves and make fundamental changes that shifted them more toward a militant and mercenary status in the services they offered and charged.

The Medics and mercenary families and Fleets call the Spice Hills home. Over Half of their nation are still medical doctors or classed as Combat Medics, Doctors and Surgeons and the other half consists of competent medical trained combat orientated Mercenaries.


Population Ethnicity

Mals, Landians, Dark Dwarves.

The Mals lives in the deep north of the world of the ice tundras, a nation left there to die a slow and terrible death many years ago; a fitting punishment for their involvement of the War of the Gods.  They fought and struggled and while many perished many more survived and thrived learning to work with the harsh environment. Now they sail the skies making war as they go,  always looking to gather revenge for these who exiled them.


 The colours of the Mals war machines are read black and greys. As a Mals fleet commander the ships are slower than normal ship in the same class they believe in three things Armour Firepower and Warriors, they find the best warriors in the north to man the guns.

The Mals nation can and will fill the complete war fleet with their own nation ships, yet they have learned ther value of having allies which they can call on.

The allies they have are the Mercenary Clans, and Sky Pirates.




Population Ethnicity:

Population Ethnicity Valdians, Landians, Free Peoples, Dwarves.

Founded during the end days of the Second Gods War, the Orders Head of State is Valdius himself. Valdian represents the ideal of honor, integrity and military prowess, and is considered legendary; some of the greatest victories of the Great War attributed to Valdian heroism and sacrifice.

The Valdian fleet is ancient, with powerful war machines that repulsed the abberrant hordes of Malack during the darkest hours of humanity. Theirs are the only true warships ever made by Steelbius’s very hands, though most of the original vessels, to the great shame of all Valdians, are long lost.

Through clever engineering and careful adherence to doctrine they have recreated many of the ancient ships using still serving models as templates. Determined and stalwart, the Valdian consider themselves the perfect counterbalance to their Landian siblings, ‘children of the Martyr’ Landius.

Landians favor the open skies, and far ranging freedoms which they offer, this is why many find service on Alliance ships at one time or another during their lifetimes.

While many Valdians grudgingly accept this as a necessity to global trade and a recognized balance to power, they cannot fault their ability to sail a craft.




Population Ethnicity:

Valdians, mixed

Considered the mages of the world, with the highest level of the Gods Magic running though their lineage.

The Randians are very suspicious of others and highly xenophobic they keep to themselves, however new attacks to their nation, from the Outcast and the Mals, have seen them closing their borders to protect the ancient works of the Gods, the writings from the Time the Gods, and the Temples on the Targus Floor.


The rumours of the Randians is rife with much made of their secretive nature, however one that is persistent and dark are the tales of breeding camps and eugenics to help both keep and develop the strong magic lineage they hold dear.



Population Ethnicity:

Forsaken, slave fodder


Of all those who fought in the Gods war, non are so reviled as those who partook of the blood and flesh of the fallen.

The world of Targus is a land filled with technology, science and Magic, the Mancies of the Gods were considered to be the perfect blending of all these however some saw a way to enhance and gain power through patricide, and so in the battle threw themselves upon their fallen father drinking his very life essence at the point of death, and in doing so damming themselves to an existence that is but a shadow of what they were.



Population Ethnicity:


The Pirates were originally a sub group who broke off the Merc Nation when they were still young. His hostility over the Medical Mercs debacle saw him take a very mercenary stance with ‘Why take jobs when you can take the loot.’

The Pirates are lead by, Old Medic Jak, A combat surgeon and doctor from the War of the Gods who many saw as having a death wish with his constant  of medical rescues and battlefield surgeries.

He was the first to question and take offence at the medical charges, and take action over finding out of the nations back deals and charging the poor to much for the medical services they provided for free.

He left the Merc faction because he feels they are are too nice, when they were owed so much more.

Now within the reaches of the  Dragon Back Floating Mountains his Pirates have made a home and seek riches in the world of Targus.


The Corporation States


In the beginning many different Technologies came from the same family group of dwarves,  As Time passed Merchants gathered together with new needs and upcoming Wars, Rivals were made as  Dwarven Noble houses and families split into various sects and corporations. The skies are largely controlled by the different corporations and their needs for trade and new products that they are bringing to the market.  most of the corporations dealing with repairs of ships and Technologies of recovering and salvaging ships for the new upcoming War.

The corporation’s work with the many different nations of the world and Sky ports and many corporations have corporate  buildings or offices  in every skyport around the world, these large companies can own city blocks filled with their own workers business men and women who helped keep them competitive against their competition. In the same areas they have reserved housing for their employees private medical in the higher lifestyles in the sky ports many of the corporate businesses has their own private security to patrol and keep safe there designated zones. even in the outer ring Corporation still have a presence competition is what’s driving these corporations to gain as much business from the great Nations as possible.


The  mighty Allguard Corporation has been in business for the last 400 years ever since the  Alliance became in power, at the time the newly-formed corporation secured contracts with the alliance for manufacturing weapons a long-range  cannons and ammunition to some of their navigation needs with unique thrusters. Allguard Corporation stands for Alliance guard the specialized and equipment for the alliance that have branched off into making personal weapons for their Marines and armors.

Corporation Headquarters is in central Skies not far from the offices of the alliance some of the alliances top  retired officials are now allguard top executives

Business practices

much like the other corporations Allguard  focuses on one nation for its total Market as possible it tries to control and Corner the alliance market for the alliance has the biggest budget of weapons and arms of the world. Their factories are some of the largest factories in the world in out produce most of the other corporations. Allguard motto with all guard we have the reliability and the protection you need.


Allguard has been known to strike deals with skylocks  for corporate espionage from stealing blueprint plans blowing up factories to slow down production to other areas of espionage.


Starcom Corporation became one of the first corporations to specialize in long-range Communications whom the sum of its breakthrough Technologies led to the s+development of the Skyweb; This web which connects the transmission towers to the world and quickly became a communication Empire gaining them sudden capital and wealth. This development saw them buying up several small companies ad Ma & Pa businesses in promising branches of technology. Such developments meant they branched off into making and developing different weapon systems for military, however they mainly stay in the commercial sector of communications.

Starcom Is one of the richest corporations in the world today their communication systems are being used everywhere, even the poorest skyports uses Starcom’s skyweb Communications and pays the monthly fees to keep the service going.  But this also comes with a price, storms have been known to destroy transmitter towers while transmitting and keeping the Skyweb up and running along with the network of communications.

They also specialize long range scanners, which is become very useful for the sky ships to find storms and help keep on trade routes,  this helps both the navigators and non small Navigation ships.

The business of nobles

The four founding families of Starcom  were Alliance Nobles, who came across the technology while trying to keep in communication with business reports with each one of the families. Dwarven retainers had stumbled across mixed archeotech and more efficient way for the transmition beacons to work to receive and transmit with lower amounts of power to cover vaster amounts of distances at the speed of light.

Duke Edten  is the founding father of Starcom  founded nearly 300 years ago the corporation has rise to power.  Most of the employees are very happy to work at Starcom the corporation spins a lot of its money keeping its employees safe  and away from dealing with the street life of the lower Sky ports.


while every one runs basic counter cryptogrophy Starcom has been putting a lot into breaking other companies encryption and data tapping.


As demand from skyships crew ships for ships and technology being higher than new ships and technology developed and made. StarTech have been listening and engaging with dockworkers and ships crews to develop and expand new ranges.

 StarTech Since its founding has been largely a family Ran Corporation.

StarTech Specializes in intership sky ship technologies, assisting with the running and stream lining of the ships day to day operations. Their R&D departments have seen some interesting new angles of interface technology and cyber wetware. Recent business acquisitions and development have also seen new technology and deep training techniques with personal firearms and even armor in their new divisions. Social media marketing from StarTech have released some of the new divisional successes in the Star Commandos, with Cutting Edge armor and Firepower. Deep training has meant new Security divisions being leased to both corporate and civilian markets, with merchants and Sky Ports taking the most companies around the world.

Business Practices

While their focus is still on making great equipment for Sky ships and ports their new division has become very profitable,  and the company is spending more assets to further develop new technology in personal armor and weapons .

StarTech also  has a small division which deals with cyber enhancements,  this much specialist area is becoming more and more popular as time goes by.


StarTech has successfully head off against many hostile take overs and has a good reputation from those who work in the criminal shadows as someone who deals fairly with anyone they employ regardless of the work.

Rumours have also persisted from the past that the blue crystal chips some higher members have implanted in specialist secret cyberware is part of some hidden eldritch technology and gestalt personality running the whole company, like a hidden spider..


This new exciting company was just recently founded,  Origins are still a little unknown but however the wave of new Cyber enhancements and improvements have come from Simtech.  the company hit the market hard and fast with improvements over the old more bulkier and old cyber enhancements. Simlink which is there technology gives the user access to skills that they never have known before. Simtech is also entering the space  of the sky ships obviously most of the money and contracts are in that military Arena.

Some of Simtech new wave of Technology , comes from a once down-and-out noble Dwarven family the Ironlords This once renown family fell hard from grace and saw them selves in a situation of utter free-fall with state investigations and alligation of corruption and fraud being levied by by enemies on all sides. Official word was the family was considered to be traitors to the other Dwarven families,  for they were seeing family exhumed from state graves, homes destroyed property sold to cover sudden recalled debts, others taking their factories. Before the ancient family vaults and their knowledge could be taken an unknown benefactor paid their debts and moved them and the vaults to a new secret place. So a new technology was made available for the skies of  Targus.

One of the great breakthroughs was the simlink  it connects and develops better connectivity between wetware and cyberware to the senses and brain allowing the new enhancements to feel real and a more connected part of the body. This has seen a side line with new areas of study with  Sky ships  they’re improved  gunners cages, which are the Gunner mates sits, to take control of firing Solutions  for sky ship combat. the link they make between the Gunner and the weapon batteries,  gives the Gunner much more accuracy and better chances for better damages. this technology is being used around the world for  sky ship battles for the simplest warships to even battleships.

Business Practices

Simtech manufactures all their own equipment their factories and enclaves very secretive,  they do thorough background checks to make sure that no one is allowed in. The Dwarven family the iron Lords keep strict security protocol.


Rumours that this new technology came at a Terrible price,  and that many subjects died during operations with enhancements in the beginning. Which is why they’re so secretive with their Laboratories and factories.