The History of Targus and what went Before.

It was early in humans space history that technological advancements allowed scientists to develop near FTL technology, however while it was a massive advancement it also lead to the beginnings of the Human races splintering or ‘The Great Expansion’ as suddenly corporations and countries found themselves no longer fighting for resources in the Terran solar system but able to harvest many others. Yet a warp bubble is generally though, used to enable subliminal travel (travel slower than light) making use of the gravitational output from the release of a Gate exit to assist the power requirements enabling the smaller craft to travel at this speed. Yet the problem with ship design is the drive size larger ships have larger drives so can do more in regards to inter system travel, a distance of several days/weeks can be covered in hours by a much larger ship like a dreadnought class. Such a system has led to commercial hitch-hiking systems. And this led to a great expansion of the human hegemony. Suddenly colonies and corporations were making sudden land and planet grabs, vast resources and asteroid mining provide a wealth of new materials, trade routes opened and both trade and piracy were rife as humanity took to the stars in this new frontier as we sought new materials, metals, elements and crystals. However such a sudden move to expand also saw an unexpected consequence, lack of innovation, as resources were suddenly plentiful and people, became content and then bored. Many took their own lives others lost themselves in virtual existences or designer drugs.

The only ones to come out with anything like an existence and passion were the corporations, religious organisations and militant factions who had a core creed that kept them going.
It was alleged that during a such a decade of emptiness a researcher from an orbital space science station started a pet project that would again alter human existence, the ‘Creative Commons Library’ an idea that allowed people to drop ideas and information and spread it freely. Decried by many as folly and used by corporations to try and get one over on competitors it still found a life in the underground science scene and so ideas became a meme and developed into a movement.

The library also became a place where info traders and raiders would post new tech innovations and science papers raided from other private sources, so leading to a sudden expansions in areas like bio-tech, nanotechnology, FTL, aerospace, medicines, digital tech, crystal developments mystic and hard science.

It opened up humanity to the inevitable that we no longer are one people but are now a post human one, far removed from our ancestors. Such changes saw skirmishes and battles, corporation wars and interplanetary battles but it was a fragment of an alien mathematical formula that appeared on the CCL that started the first Panhuman war. We always wondered if we were alone in the universe, it appeared others had trode the ground before us. The human spheres were going up in flames, tens of trillions died, on multitudes of planets and colonies in space, weapons only thought theoretical or never be used were fired, it became a free for all, as a species we went crazy. And in the aftermath we again crawled from the darkness and a new darkage into the light of rebirth. However what we met while not alien might as well have been as our tendency for post or transhuman had pushed the template to almost breaking with humanity walking many different paths and styles. We had embraced change, some walked the path of the sauran and others embraced a digital existence, although had evolved from humanity. In our early days as the Twelve we realised we need a way to enforce and enable control, so Bluestar was both our template and child.

And again humanity travelled and, and explored in our many shapes and styles, civilisations rose and fell, developments and new trade paths opened up new technologies and innovations and knowledge. We learnt to transcode our minds to digital copies for that to be transmitted to other planets and cloned bodies, For our minds to be expanded with biotech, nanotech, biogenic crystals and exotic matter, we again started to become more, to walk in the footsteps of the early gods.

‘With gene fixing, digitalised personalities, extended lives and living, as well as Superluminal travel, we have to understand that we will be living lives on a much more flexible level than our ancestors ever understood. We must embrace that time is relative and we are mere transient ghosts. And death has moved into early retirement’

Humanity was no longer  a single species we had grown and diverged into the post humanity, from planets of basic human to ones where we’d changed to become things of ethereal beauty and grace floating in gas currents in the atmosphere, nomadic saurians on desert planets, living in a hive mind processing complex mathematics and philosophy as if both the same, walking neon cities imbued with nanotechnology talking to both transhuman physically and ghostly fetches. And a gestalt of peoples from several solar systems started to walk the steps and become the Twelve.

Our myths and legends are less a question of gods and monsters, and rather a series of mechanisms and how they ar bound up with being s in the entire Universe. A racial memory of ritual and rules bound with the first to walk the steps.
In the multiverse there are powers, beings, entities that exist on so many levels who have sway in these matters, yet are both bound to specific rules; However there is an etiquette an observation of sacresent and hallowed rules. For this blood has always been the channel, like a signature in a treaty, a binding oath. The blood of birth and death, of animals and sentient, so must we sign with such when a change takes place, when we take steps , like a child taking a first step, we sign andtake a fledgling step.

So it was that when we encountered alien life we were better prepared and our experiences allowed humanity to thrive. As we expanded our expanse and travelled even further the old systems and communications carried something old and almost forgotten, the remnants of the CCL, once a vast database now filled with digital presence and personalities, digital minds, A.I’s and digital faust’s all gathering information lost and forgotten hoarding and sharing, trading and dealing, helping raise the peoples up. Such new encounters allowed information to flow along with trade of goods we started to look outwards in many different ways. So we explored and grew taking up other races as we found them, lift others, to be worshipped, looked upto, fought over and others die by the side of the path, some pan human species became extinct others were evolved through synthetic god particles to ascend into the other places, and dimensions, and still we grow, no longer multicultural, but multi species, multi dimensional existing on many levels of reality on all branches of the Milky way. Again the steps we took were in the footsteps of the older gods and powers shedding our bodies like a snake shedding skin, a sacrifice of flesh and blood, but we were moving ever forward treading those imprints as we ascend the the dimensional barrier

Now we are near where we can transform solar systems to our needs, move planets, seed them, shape them, wars are fought using sharp sticks and enhanced fighters, digital battles and starkillers and blackhole weaponry, reality bombs and we are able to shape our very reality, and so we progress higher in the order of the universe. We can move around the universes like ghosts, master’s of all we can see, science and magic no longer differentiable we are evolving.
We have moved past conflict and peace, enlightenment has been achieved. However all is not so and our chaotic nature rises in some of us as we fight amongst ourselves for our place. We the Twelve are many in voice but speak as ones, and now we disagree, the path we are following has diverged and shows many new ways, new paths, routes are opening, and some wish to leave follow these paths. They are wrong.

These we decide to cast down, reality is mutable we understand this, they wanted to explore, but why when we have proven we are masters of the Milky Way, so we cast them into the dark, left them to ride the cold winds. While we god like straddle the universe, we the Deus Deus overwatching our children in their edens, we are now the Seven. Yet something troubles us.

On the winds we catch the ravings of one of our outcast, shredded, ‘wounded!’ and broken in dimensionally unstable broken dreams they showed us a mirror darkly broken of the Universes and tides that run through them. Each galaxy hosting a Power and life, some timeless, frozen in time like a mechanical clockwork, perfection, others a screaming mass of froffing madness and chaos, others

During our times we have witnessed wars and conflicts, seen species and races die out and wars engulf thousands of worlds, some we have intervened in, others we watched with disinterest like insects along our path. Yet we must walk the path of war, our Children will walk this path for us, they will be death, on our foes, it will be their aspect and nature..

Out in the darkness of other galaxies far away from our Milky Way stars start to blink out..