Why only a few cannons {A fistfull of guns}

Why only a few cannons

{A fistfull of guns}

I’ve been recently asked, by the new play testing group why don’t the ships have more cannons, after a long discussion, a thought occurred, ‘why is it is it an issue.’
So explaining to the new testers the storms and the wind and floating debris are a constant danger to the ships and the armor plating is thick. Why have tons of smaller cannons that cannot penetrate the outer hull. Then they said what other games have many gun batteries on their ships that is true. But the cannons on the ships are very large and design to penetrate the ship protection. After the testers were satisfied with my answers we went back to playing the game.

The basic conclusion, I think it’s like the modern Navy, where destroyers and frigates have few weapon systems or weapon system packages that are designed to do particular jobs for either protection, assault or whatever they need they have the weapons packages ready to go. Especially now with the weapons systems that can be interchangeable with the new Naval ship class destroyers and frigates, it’s amazing how the ships weapons are out of sight until needed. Due in main to the stealth design of the ships of the modern-day.

The end answer to the new testers is that the cannons are retractable and are lowered into the deck of the ship when not needed, only in combat situations are the cannons out in the open. For many different reasons the weather, the moisture of the sky can rust out the cannons from the inside of the barrels the wind turbulence can slow down the ship travel, it makes sense as I talked more about how these cannons are not used during non combat situations they’re not out in the open.

What I think is funny is how something so small a detail can stop play testing for an hour or so as people really want to know the answer. Discussions were traded and in my mind I was thinking ‘just a couple cannons what’s the big deal’, but I think the real deal of the testers is probability, they want to be able to shoot as many times as possible and do as much damage as possible without getting any damage back done to them.

Some of this can be done by good planning or the other player having bad luck with dice rolls, but in the end result it’s combat in its large ship combat, even throughout Naval history battles where ships were thought to be invincible were sunk or heavily damaged by lower-class ships that’s history. Yes I know this is just a game and that it’s fictional, however, what it shows is how it can work, when a lower-class ship has a chance of damaging the higher class ships just like real naval battles have proven time and time again.

Invincibility is a thing of myth and legend in any ship there’s a chance that it’s subject to ‘chance’ of being damaged on the field of battle.

So please stay tuned as we go through some of the new developments of Sky Relics and play testing practices of the future staying with us.


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