What it’s been like the last year

What it’s been like the last year

2015 was a very unusual year for us at Sky Relics,

We went to conventions spoke to people, shook hands spoke to many different gamers who got very excited about what we’re doing with the game, yet what we had wasn’t the game we’re building today or even a shadow of the game is like it is today. Two people tried to make something spectacular in 2015, it was my creative baby and yes I was responsible for the art, stories, game history and game rules, pretty much everything. I was spending money and all of it coming out of my pocket for a lot of the stuff, which is normal for many start-ups, there are costs but that didn’t bother me. I failed and that with putting so much into it felt like I had failed. After the failure of the first kickstart which I cancelled, I took a step back and looked at it, I knew that the game wasn’t quite complete enough for the Kickstarter, I rushed,  but we went anyway.

In the end the friendly people who I shook hands with spoke with at the conventions many did not even back the project that’s life, If I had the Kickstarter going at the time of the cons it might have made a difference.  But the lessons to be learned here are that conventions are great to meet people, to have them play the game see what you’re all about and get feedback.

They are not potential backers as you are competing with too many distractions and like a mayfly you burn brightly for a day and then fade.


Conventions are a great way to sell products though which are finished, or even promoting a Kickstarter of what’s coming out during the convention maybe but even then I don’t think they offer huge benefits to gain backers..


We plan on going a few conventions this year in my local area of San Francisco. And I plan on meeting people dreaming and talking, and of cause having a great time and that’s what conventions are all about. It’s about playing games with your fellow gamers having a good time making new connections and for me that’s what I get from conventions anyway.


But when I think what happened in 2015, the game I was playing didn’t read well in the demo version so the game I was playing was the fun awesome game that people who played it enjoyed and said how they loved it. The game on the Kickstarter with demo PDF was a different game and unfortunately it read differently, rules were not the same, and things didn’t quite translate well.

Now, I know it’s the bad writing in this case, I reread it. Now gamers have a language that they’ve grown to understand from reading other manuals, other books and other games. So when you don’t speak the language to the gamer, misunderstandings happen and that’s the big problem for Sky Relics. So what’s different in 2016, the old/writer editor is no longer with Sky Relics and left the team, and now I’m working with some really talented individuals that bring a lot to gaming.

They each have talents in their own way, different from each other, and added to my abilities we have a complete team that is getting stronger every day. We have found that having such a team has led to ideas bouncing off each other and new concepts and different work ethoses evolving. It is those diverse qualities that is proving to be interesting and pushing smart design decisions forward, and curtailing rushing to a part.

The mistakes of 2015 will not be made again, we’re taking our time play testing more and getting game reviews this time before the Kickstarter.

It is my goal for the people who read the game rules will play the game as it was intended to be played and not playing a different game by the way the rules were written. This can be hard like anything else as game writing is at times difficult but also rewarding. When gamers read the rules and understand it is a beautiful thing, however the danger for the designer is that they the game designer understand both the game and the rules, in their head it all makes sense. They can make those small shifts in judgments so it all works, but for the new player that is not the case and cannot happen.

So stay tuned and I hope that you’ll agree that we’ve hit our new goals this year and a well-written game well designed game will be presented for you! thank you.

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