Sky Relics blog (So we’re beginning again)

Sky Relics blog (So we’re beginning again)


Over the years the increasing availability of downward scaling of cost v technology and 3D printing has come a long way, printers that use the cost tens of  thousands of dollars are now becoming available for the home user. This creates an interesting dynamic between the future players and the now player as both seem to exist at the the same time.

3D printing is used for Sky Relics miniature development, however when the model leaves the 3D printer it can leave stepping which are little lines which really are layers seen by the naked eye. I’ve been using three different printers services for over two years now and I have seen a great deal of difference from the beginning fledglings first ones to the latest printers.

But still even as good as 3D printing is become you still have to remaster the master part. I have started to do more of this work lately as I develop both as a designer and model maker and it has proven a lot of potential and gains from doing this. I have learned to take my time to sand and buff and polish, to understand  the details in the printed part and how best to bring out their best.

Doing this type of prep-work is a skill on its own, it takes a careful hand and a watchful eye. Which comes to the next point like painting the miniatures themselves. I am a hobbyist painter at best, the point is I have fun but I’ll never be good enough to be as good at painting like some of the pro’s you see who have developed their skill to such a stunning level, it is a Lotta work.

Many of you may feel the same way but why do you paint miniatures?  for me it’s my hobby it’s something I like to do, it relaxes me, and I have fun painting the miniature. However why do I remaster the master? because I want to give each and every one of you that buys into the game and miniatures that it is the best quality piece I can produce. Each hour I spend working on the master part shows in the resulting recast miniature.  It is my pride  in my work that allows me to spend the tedious time with joy knowing that it makes a difference every little thing makes a difference.

And that’s how I feel about the game were making, every little thing makes a difference. From the details to the designs to the artwork. Every little thing makes a difference for us, from, to seeing the big picture of having this game completed one day to getting it on the shelves for gamers like you to buy and appreciate, the little work we did to add to the bigger work to get completed to accomplish a game that is fun and easy to play with lots of strategy.

It’s more than a dream as each day it becomes a reality each word adds its voice to the chorus evolving to become a masterful piece one day. And it starts with the little things,  and for me they are the details that makes the difference for a good game.

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