Sky relics are going to war

Sky relics are going to war

Sky Relics: Fleet Core is a dedicated fleet skirmish war game unlike other versions of Sky Relics we’ve had many requests for the war game with earlier versions.

Even though we launched two other kickstarters, one cancelled  and the other failed due to lack of funding, the game was not ready to be a tabletop war game. We had several components of a tabletop wargame, but we lacked in many too.  In the past years, we had to figure out how to make the platform for the future of this game, not just the war game but captains play as well.
We worked on the game system, making it more usable for the exciting world of Targus. To claim to have a game system to work for wargaming and RPG system well, that was the hard part and that’s why it took so long. I try many different systems in these last years from what worked ten years ago, the game system worked just not very well with wargame side. I had gone back to the drawing board, tried new aspect to make it completely original from the ground-up. We wanted a system that could work for all games we plan on making a system that is as easy to learn without neglecting the gameplay aspect. A system that uses core technology for any games we make. The war game system we use is fair to both players and stops a total destroying your opponent on the first turn of the game.

The Sky relics fleet core system is a fleet game built to start small and scale up. To learn the game to manage the actions resources.

An action and activation system

The first step was to give ship actions so the players can use the actions out of the turn, where a player chooses when to execute all the actions of a ship in attacking or in movement.  The actions are a resource management part of the game, use them wisely.  A whole fleet could use all actions on his game turn, and can thus leave no actions to defend or make repairs. In the Sky Relics fleet’s core, both players use actions to make attacks and other tasks with one unit at a time. The activation order of your fleet is the key and is important, what your opponent does between your activations with actions is important as well.

First, a die roll for movement initiative at the beginning of each round, The winner moves and activates ships in this phase and can spend actions to move more if choose so. In some contexts, an action can be spent to attack, an enemy movement phase or other special actions the player may choose to make. There are many ways to spend actions and get different possible outcomes covered in the game system, many of them being special actions granted by equipment cards or crew cards.

After movement, the firefight roll happens which we call the Jump In into which the fleet gets to fire first. Unlike other games where a destroyed unit is taken off the field of battle at the time it’s destroyed, the destroyed ships are removed at the end of the round and still have a chance to fire back and spend actions.

The commander of the fleet in SR fleet’s core uses the command ship or (CS) and the commander is key to winning. They give out commands to nearby ally ships, giving those ships bonuses. Commands give access to commander list to help with combat.

Combat system

The success system “To hit” dice roll over a roll check number for a success under the number is a miss. Ships use gunnery skill for hitting on equal or greater is a success. More success gives bonuses to the damage roll each additional success add +1 damage roll.
The weapon battery uses a stat called power which is the number of dice to roll. All roll checks use a d10s for a combat and non-combat or repairs.  We use D10s, and other dice types to keep track of the actions and damage dice of the different types of weapon batteries.

After the roll to hit

The attacker needs to roll damage and needs to do at least the armor value to do any damage and any damage, over the armor value, carries over doing more hull points for the attack. So, can a good attack sink an undamaged ship in one go? No, we have critical hull points that stop the damage. But critical damage comes into play.
The critical damage will cause special damage like engine failure to gun damage. Trivial say you? This adds good drama to ships and to the game by making player deal with repairs.

Lore of the ships

The last ship was Valdius flagship to be completed from the shipyard which was over 400 years ago right before the Great War ended. After that ship was made the shipyards in the world all shut down. It took years to get the shipyards back online.  When they got back online, they came with limited functionality.

The heart of shipyards never worked again the most important ancient area where the relics engines are constructed and connected to the god stone with not this connection ships never fly in Targus skies.

How are new ships made is not known, all the shipyards do is strip ship of the outer hull plates down to the frame, keeping the connections to relics engines and the God stone the tech has learned how to connect more to god stone spark which caused many lives to learn to do. If a new connection is wrong, the engines will turn into a vortex bomb. Rumors are that god of steel first son has a working shipyard hidden in Valdia, some making new ships for the Valdians.

World with new designs

The breakthrough happened about 40 years ago when the engineers of Star Tech learn how to strip them down the ship without damaging the god stone link, if the link is destroyed then the ship become dead unable to fly. This allowed new designs to enter the skies.



This leads us to named ships and hero ships and why are they so important in the game. Well, the first combat ship variations are based on popular combat layouts that the shipyards use those plains to do the build-outs. And fleet can use as many of these variations ships they can field with points. Named ships are special, one of kind, ship with uncommon parts or even rare parts that might not available post-war of the gods. These ships have survived with working relics and earned battle rep from years of service. Which means only one of each named ship can be on the battlefield. Which makes them special with higher cost and higher training crew.

We have mods

We have seen other games on the market that uses many cards on the table and footprint of ship data is quite large. Taking up a lot of space and info overload and by chance, if you’re using more than a few ships well, that’s lot tracking to do to keep up with. So we have an idea to use one mod card per ship to add new changes and tactics and one crew upgrade card giving ship more customizable without data overload, so you can field more ships and not forget what ship has what. Mod card could be weapons batteries or relic part upgrades or even new parts to add to the fleet and enhance ships. Again, it’s up to you how and what you choose to play games. If you feel more SLV ships way to win, it is up to you. Or spending extra points on better ships variations or using hero ships again your choice.

Our game system uses the idea of quality ships over the cheaper base units. Which called is standard loadout variations called SLV so how and what ship you field is up to you. A fleet of rank and file units where ships can shield, the command or other ships we have rules in play to allow the ship to shoot over frontline ships with modifiers, allowing better gameplay and improving and making a better game for SRFC. Some ships and formations play out for deep battle tactics.

The ship unit cards have prices in resources, called ship gold (SG) which is used in the campaign game mode, as well using the ships in an upcoming box set.

We will discuss specific topics in new blog posts. We have a high-quality ships designs and game system that can give hours of fun and learn new and great tactics.


Sky relics fleet’s core: is in pre-launch toward its new Kickstarter campaign. We need help to spread the word, so we get to the cool goals in the campaign so please visit us at our website.

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Thank you.

From the Sky  Relics  Team


Derek Heath, Owner of Sky Relics

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