Size it does matter ‘Hmmm’

Size it does matter ‘Hmmm’

Through the process of 3D printing with the ships we went from is super large-scale from our first Kickstarter where the ships were a minimum of 74mm to the largest ship over 120mm in length the ships were designed to take up most of the board. Movement wasn’t really an issue and we used the movement cards.

And we used the ranges to shoot far distances on the game board. Some of the contestants of the painting contest asked me why are we using smaller ships now.

I know that other game companies use the larger scale in fact they build their brand around that,  for the game we plan, what we now offer allows for ease of play those larger ships were just too big to be on the map. And limited play it became obvious that it came down to a crunch match between the big ships.


A movement card is fine, yet it can be a little clunky at times getting the card next to the base of the ship, making sure that you are in the turn radius just to make a movement then move. or placing the card over other ships can be hard at times but it can be done.

Through the first campaign of the Kickstarter I had received many different emails from people asking us about a hex grid map and why can’t we have one.

So part of our journey is simply been trial and error seeing with the gamer wanted if it worked or how it created ripples in the rules, some ripples were small and others broke the bank so triggering a different response. And we’re now at the point where our information both received and developed has sent us down this path, and again down the rabbit hole.

In fact we had received many emails to the last two Kickstarters and comments on other gaming sites encouraging us to use the hex grid map. After using it ourselves for play testing on our game boards we know it’s the right answer. But it led to another problems or issues, the first was, the ships were simply too big, they would run into each other by accident or they would impregnate other hexagons with those sheer size of the ship sticking either into the next hexagon in front or in the rear and then, it didn’t really work well. So we were left with two options, bigger maps and Hex’s, try it and it can becomes so big it is unwieldy with a player leaning right over the table to try and move a ship. So the solution at the time was to make much smaller ships.

But after the response we got from the painting contest along with other designer Matt we decided to make some the ships larger again in size. But the fix this time will be a multiple hex flight Stand to show how large the ship is in scale and the lowering of the turning ability that the larger ships simply do not have. This way we can get the best of both worlds with a situation where we meet in the middle in regards size. In essence we shift slightly one way so smaller ship go X% bigger, while capital ships are much bigger closer to original size.

As you can imagine we’re excited about the larger ships, but it also starts again with retooling new 3D printing but now we are finally happy with the tiers of the ships and the size and millimeters the ships will be. Going through different design phases of the game can be difficult and stressful, and it’s a trial and error system, some things may look good on screen but then they don’t play well, others are concepts that seems like a great idea but never translate well to a model.

This is a compromise for us for playability, but also paint ability. We don’t want to make the ships too small that they lack any detail or too hard to paint, we make the ships too big there take too much room it’s a give-and-take to find the perfect balance and I now think we’ve found it. Certain other games like skirmish tabletop  wargames all use the same 28mm scale to 32mm for their ground miniatures easy right, but for ships it all gets a little complicated and that’s what we’ve been dealing with since we started this.

So we are very pleased with the improvements we’ve made over the last year, with the data we collected, making a game that you the gamer will love to play.

On our next blog we will talk about the hex map of the game and wire we’re using it in more detail so stay tuned.

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