The Products and Safety

The miniatures sold on this website are NOT TOYS and not suitable for children. Please use all the precautions when assembling and using the minis, as there are sometimes sharp parts. They often require the use of superglue or other glues and it goes without saying to be careful with that too, Sky Relics Games accepts no responsibility for hobby accidents! With resin miniatures, please research and adhere by the extra safety measures.

All miniatures, unless stated, are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Painted photos are to give you an idea of what is possible.


Resin Miniatures and Models

Working with our Resin Models

The aim of this guide is to take you through the basic methods and technical techniques required to prepare, clean up and assemble resin Sky Relics miniatures and models.


If you have any queries or problems, don’t hesitate to ask us.


At Sky Relics we feel that resin is the best material for making high quality miniatures and models. We feel that is has excellent working properties, especially for new model makers and gamers and is able to capture a higher level of detail than plastic or metal; and easier to mass produce in a higher quantity and quality than pure 3d prints.

With Kickstarter we are seeing new people coming into the hobby and some are not initially gamers, therefore not used to working with resin and miniatures. So we have put together this short guide for gamers not used to working with resin.

Our Miniatures are resin and as such are slightly flexible, however, it is not as strong as plastic/metal so take care to store your figures safely. Foam miniatures storage boxes are a great help.

Clean up and preparation

Note: Please be extremely careful when working on resin models with knives, scalpel blades, saws, files, other tools. Take extra care if you are unused to the material, as resin physical properties are different to plastic/metal.

Resin can be a toxic product (potentially hazardous as they can act as an irritant). in certain circumstances, when working on sanding or filing our resin products, be careful about breathing in resin particles. please work in a well ventilated area and consider wearing a dust mask

Miniature Preparation

The production process can leave a film of mould release spray (we do not use large quantities) on the parts, to ensure good paint adhesion, you should consider washing the components in (warm Not Hot!) .

Material properties

Sky Relics products are cast in a vacuum chamber and so cured under pressure, This means the components produced are 99% bubble free and of the highest quality, however, some small bubbles may appear and these can be filled with modelling putty or liquid green stuff. You may also need to remove small bits of resin that may have pooled into gateway areas.

If you’ve not worked with resin or resin models before, then Sky Relics recommend you practice on a piece of spare sprue or an unimportant, invisible part like underneath the model. Be careful and try to experiment a little with cutting and’s better to shave off small amounts, do not don’t try and cut massive chunks.

We also use split moulds and these can sometimes leave a faint mould line or a slight resin mould leak  (flashing). Such lines can be removed with a needle file or can be carefully scraped off with a craft knife blade, carefully scraping off the line of flashing.


Prior to assembly we at Sky Relics We recommend you test fit any multipart models as it allows you to decide the look and pose of the model and make sure it will fit or require a little filling prior to assembly and glueing to get a good fit.

Once you have test fitted everything and are happy, you will need to glue the resin parts into place. We generally use super glue. Another option is to use an epoxy resin. There are plenty of forums online about this subject.

We recommend using a glue which is not instant set like using a super-glue fixative or accelerators this gives you a little time to ensure a perfect alignment.


See Miniature Preparation, as we do not use large quantities of mould release spray and our miniatures and parts will usually take a spray primer spray and paints with no issues. A good quality spray primer is recommended. Spray a light coat to not obscure the details and provide adheration of the paint.

More experienced painters may choose to us an airbrush but this is beyond this guide.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Intellectual Property:

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