Meet the Staff

Core Staff

Sky Lord Derek Heath

Founder, writer, 3d artist, and all around great guy!. Derek is the mind behind the original game design, story and ship designs. This all came from his passion for naval warfare and naval gaming. Sky Relics is truly Derek original work and epic vision of a world and its birth.


Derek has been a gamer for well over two decades, and creating small indie games since 2000.


Sky Lord Matt

“The overworked, underpaid :p designer who came aboard to help with all the smaller design considerations and just assist and annoy.”

The talented artist is the layout master behind the look and feel of the game. Along with various illustration, concept art, maps and nations icons. Matt has striped the core ideas and look back to help grow a rich more developed background and system for the players and the game.

Also a game designer working on many of his own games and other small indie systems, assisting as a ghost rule developer, his handiwork has helped bring Sky Relics to where it is today. With over 25 years of gaming Cred, he has helped bring a more fleshed out Targus to life.

Some of the core people who helped with the project

Lord of Records Michael Prefontaine

  One of our Editors, he has been working in the video game and comic market in writing, production, and marketing in japan for over 10 years.

He started off with the Panzer Series at a young age, introduced by family, and gradually progressed to Warhammer, as well as other Tabletop games. An avid DnD and RPG Player, as well as an experienced DM.



Lord marshal Jose


A graduate of The Academy of Arts Universities game and design program and a vapid tabletop and video gamer.

Jose has a personal studio in Fox and Badger Studios. game Design, Art and Narrative Design is more than work, its his whole life.