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Ok Basics

We really love doing what we do at Sky Relics. We always love hearing back from customers both via electronuc and in person at Cons. It’s great…


Ok so that being said, we appreciate that some times sometimes people both gamers and customers are impatient and demanding ( in that order) Ed..) And so often require answers straight away, and fail to read help guides, and other information on our About and Info pages.  So jump up and down with the look at me, me me, in an attempt to get noticed and sort things.


  • We want to help you, yes really we do.
  • We are a Small Team..
  • We operate in two different continents.
  • When one of us is handling support issues, some things are quicker to answer than others. (This is because some of us happen to know that answer or can check things quicker than others.) This is why you may see some questions and responses are answered of time and context. We are not ignoring you, but some answers require a specific member of staff or fact checking before giving the right information.We are not ignoring you. 
  • On the email it’s just me ( Derek Heath). On the forum (Coming soon) and the Social media pages it’s a couple of us, or in the case of the Forum will be a few knowledgeable Community members, we do have a number of knowledgeable power users and other gaming community members who m can also help you.
  • Due to family and personal commitments we do not respond to enquiries on weekends or holidays, other people in the community might.
  • Ok this one is important, we are a small business ( 4 (four) of us, so we are not This is not Amazon, Microsoft, or some massive multi conglomerate, with thousands of staff just waiting to help you 24/4. We are a couple of people trying to help you as best we can, while also doing everything else on the business.
    Orders can take up to 5 business days to ship (Some items have to be hand made) – it’s stated on the Product Page and in the Contact Us Form section about Shipping Times. I am aiming to assist and serve customers as best I can, while still trying to have some semblance of a family life.
  • If I get an email about “when will this ship????? x*x*x*x* !!!!!!!” (and we get so many.) Ok as it says above. And as we have been taking time out of posting and making new ship’s for shipping to answer these we have decided to stop responding to them. It states Shipping within 5 US business days, and then you’ll get the “Order Complete” email and tracking information once it has shipped.
  • If I get multiple emails and other prodding IM messages pushing for help and complaining about response times or that we do not stock everything all the time but have to hand make some items, well all this does is slow down production and response times. It also stresses me out.. As a small trader we aim for thoughtful customer support and this can take take time.I try to be as quick as possible, but sometimes things take time.

Please respect this and don’t try to both overwhelm us with enquires or make us feel overwhelmed with support issues, that are enquires about support issues. Read the guides..
For other companies in this field, it’s not unusual for responses to take up to 14 business days to receive a response. When getting in touch with an issue please make it easier for us to help you by telling us about your issues, product, product code if possible, pictures, and making sure to be clear with explaining your issue. We want to help but we need all the facts.

  • We love it when you like the product and want to say thanks, this also means we would appreciate it if you can ost on social media and link to us and hash tag you’re stuff #SkyRelics.


I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support,We want to keep going.

We do not want to offend anyone with what’s above … (However, Ed.)  I get it, we get it, you want to know we are looking at issues. We understand customers are decent people. You are sometimes impatient or rude, blunt and angry because we have not shipped an item within seconds of getting the order (Yes really, had one of those), we all do get it. It’s fine to get annoyed if there’s an annoying issue and or problem. Just relax and appreciate that we are a small business and will get in touch with you.