Reading our progress (Into the inner mind)

Reading our progress (Into the inner mind)

If you’re familiar with  blogs or even if new to them welcome, we have been giving you insight about our company Sky Relics about our mistakes some of our plans, and ideas. More importantly we have been giving you the thought process of why we design the way we do. Any company can tell you they have the greatest game but in most cases it falls short of what you were expecting, but in this game we’re not telling you it’s a great game were telling you it’s, it’s a new and exciting game which can make it great.

Also we’re letting you know that we think the game is pretty fast now maybe not be like flipping quarters fast, but compared to most can be fast. We know that speeds an important thing today with the modern-day gamer with all the distractions that a gamer has from cell phones, tablets. And a Lotta games of franchise versions tabletop ones, become faster from video games, the tablet games, and apps to assist with some games play, all these things are factors on why we designed the way we did.

But let’s talk about more about what are our plans for the future; absolutely we want to do a Kickstarter off this year and this year we want to do exclusives which are pretty cool themselves. True we’re offering a lot as always, but this time what we want to offer is what we can deliver on time. Many of our fans have been waiting for us to do another  Kickstarter to show their support to us. And yes Kickstarter is an awesome format for us to get funding help with the costs of startups,

But what Kickstarter or is not, is a magic genie in a bottle which you can rub and pouf here comes money, It’s a platform to show what you can promise for those who are interested to make an investment and hopefully get what you promised to them What I do understand about Kickstarter after running two campaigns are, ‘We are not allowed to do a full completed product.’ It has to be a project, not a pre-order scheme.


Which means by the definition of project is “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.” the aim of our kickstarter is to complete our game product and have it for developed for the backers for them to play and enjoy. As I talked about in another blogs about our previous Kickstarter it was painful to talk about it, about failing and realising sometimes we are wrong..

But that’s how the healing process happens it wasn’t Kickstarter’s fault, I understand there’s been a lot of fraud in Kickstarter’s projects in fact my friend backed a beef jerky campaign, which made its funding goal and then some. But he never received his rewards so he gave a stranger money in the hopes that the stranger will do what they promised to do. That my friends is the scary part about Kickstarter, people don’t know me they might have seen my ships on Twitter, Facebook other social media sites but they don’t know who I am as a person.

Can I be trusted?, that’s way we hope you’re reading our blogs to gain trust in what we’re doing seeing our process seeing who we are as a group and as a company, are we real of course. I’m not a robot I’m a real person with the family and a with a dream to make a game. And I hope that people around the world, can get behind this dream and see that we have every intention to give what we promise. In fact I did of painting contest in December during Christmas it’s a crazy right, Where I spent almost $1000 of my own money to make and ship mail all over the world, for a painting contest. And yes some of the people that were involved in our old kickstarter campaigns were on the list,  They were able to see the early prototypes of generation one ships and paint them for us. It was very exciting to see the progress and how the ships are painted. But what this did was show that were real that the ships are real and that real people have painted them from all the world. This alone doesn’t saying hey trust everything we do and just give us your money and say we’re trustworthy yet it does suggest we I care and I did not charge one person for the shipping or for the ships that they received. It was all out of my pocket for one, and I felt that I need some redemption from the two failed kickstarter’s is an other.

This was part of my  reasons why we did the painting contest. And do a trial run to see if i can I handle the workload, can I make enough ships, how much resin do I need, how many molds do I need ready, and how I switch them out to make sure they can handle the workload.

The Miniatures

So I will talk more about this at our next blog thank you for reading and being part of the Sky Relics world.
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