Many different designs, ‘A Hydra with many heads’

Sky Relics is a battle fleet game, where players command fleets to do battle in the skies for their Nation or for glory and riches. Iron Sky Hulks soar through the clouds hunting the next battle as their barrels heat up with Shells ripping through the air slamming and decimating heavy armor. Life and death rages on in the skies high above Targus, but will you, brave hero, be one who truly lives? Company Overview SKY COMBAT WAR GAMING: SKY RELICS IS A 1:2400 SCALE TABLETOP MINIATURES BATTLE GAME. EACH PLAYER CONTROLS AN AIR FLEET OF SKYSHIPS AND ENTERS THE FIGHT FOR TARGUS SKIES.

Many different designs,

‘A Hydra with many heads’


Like any other game, designs are very important and design cohesion applies not just to the game but we realised after all the relevant game components and packaging, a symbiotic cohesion. At this time of the talk I will talk about about my friend Matt, he’s been schooling me on design for the last few months.

My ego was pretty high (polite cough from Editor) and I didn’t want to hear it first and I felt that I was being under attacked by this guy don’t even know but he’s been following project saw what I was doing and taken it seriously.

Then I started to learn what he was teaching me how important design is, how it must be easy to see easy to read and easy to understand from a glance. Sounds simple but to do it great, it takes time and effort to do well.

Varient Card Concept and updated Idea
Variant Card Concept and updated Idea
Original Skip Card Style and Concept
Original Skip Card Style and Concept


Matt and I have worked tediously going back and forth on his designs, asking questions leading to answers like does it fit with the game, is it part of the theme, is it easy to see and read is an understandable way both to new gamers, and old hands. We have worked over 30 designs just to get it right, just to get close.

From going back and forth seeing the improvements he’s made, seeing what I want to see, tiny changes to develop a little bit more in the design work and it’s tedious. For those curious, try explaining the colour red to a friend without using the word red, it is a nightmare, as you have a concept or idea in your head and you are trying to put it down or explain it to someone who cannot see what you are thinking until you put your thoughts and concepts down onto hard copy and see what you want, to explain and pass back and forth the idea, so they evolve into ‘That’s it, that’s IT..’

The goal is to have the design work well with the game theme, and so far we’re getting close to that, so every day we work towards perfecting the design.

Many people say “hey designs just part of the game it’s not a big deal just pay the artist to do it, it doesn’t really matter.” For the people who don’t know design everything we see in this world is been designed by a designer of some sort from the shoes you wear to the cars you ride in or drive, to the monitors you look at, even your phones. Some designer has even spent hundreds of designs to make sure the one you have in your hand fits comfortably and works well physically and visually for the end-user. We are in the same path and it is frustrating but design is a beautiful thing when it’s done right and we’re hoping we’re getting close to it.

Card Idea to push card Ideas and layout, also designed with future planning in mind
Concept idea to push card Ideas and layout, also designed with future planning in mind
Card Idea to push card Ideas and layout
Card Idea to push card Ideas and layout

I feel that good design, more than just what we see, is  ‘does it work’ and this also means in the game design as well, we’ve worked tirelessly getting to this point and now I feel that we’re finally making headway towards the end goal getting the game on the shelf.

I just read an article that Matt had sent to me the other day where it took this one guy almost 2 years to really get things going for them from conception to on the shelf to reorders of the second printing.

And this man had said that he had worked 30 hours a week by himself tirelessly and doing other games.


I feel that any goal or dream worth having, worth doing, it takes this type of dedication, to work hard, to understand, to do better, is more than just designing a good game or making a good game design for the cards or content is the core of what life is about, to apply dedication to yourself to read, to understand, to do better and live better in life that is a good goal for anyone to have other than just making games.

This is something that I have personally been working on for myself, I’ve quit eating fast food for my health I no longer drink sodas and I’m working towards having a healthier me for a long life. This game has changed me to want to be better for myself and for my family, and for the talented people who are working along with me to lead them to success. Thank you as always Derek.

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