The Kickstarter


About the Project

As many will know Sky Relics ran a successful Kickstarter, for our Fleet Core game and to expand the  figure range.

Game Overview

Sky relics is a player vs player fleet wargame with two of the starting nations. Choose your commander, and aim your fleets with the Iron Sky Hulks to do battle with.
Small conflict lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. Use actions to give commands to your fleet ships to boost the performance of attacks and movement for game rounds.

From the Kickstarter

War is Coming

A world left with the technology of the gods, from a war that nearly destroyed the planet. Only one God survived that war and left children of gods alone.

Hundreds of years later the sky knights Valdains have protected the world and god’s technology, but a high cost of their lives. The world of Targus is at war again as the sky knights preparing to defend the people of Targus once more.

The Mals are warriors exiled to northern frozen tundra lands found a way to the skies to found resources. Now the Mals are attacking any nation in their way.

In this Kickstarter choose your fleet and your fleet commander to win the skies or protect those that can’t protect themselves. Before the Mals conquered the central skies city. The centre of the world trading and nations come together in a time of peace.

Learn about this world of Targus and the sky ships of gods used for battle. The choice is battle to conquer or fight to protect.yours


What‘s in the Box

  • 3 Corvos Corvettes
  • 2: Xiphos Frigates
  • 1: Saber Destroyer
  • 1: Longsword Cruiser
  • 3: War winds Corvettes
  • 2: War Iron Frigates
  • 1: War Datru Destroyer
  • 1: Axler Cruiser
  • 28 Ship Cards
  • 30 mods crew cards
  • 2 captain cards
  • Two movement templates
  • Dice 8d10’s 12d6’s
  • Rule Book
  • 11″x8.5″ 6 hex titles with printed backs for total 12 types

 And a Kickstarter Exclusive

Kickstarter Exclusive –  The Sky Ship Yatru











Press Information

We have a press release pack, with Logo’s, photo’s, Info Sheet, images, etc. And so much more just waiting for you. We’ve got a press release, logos, photos and more – ready and just awaiting for you here. Over time we will be adding more so please do keep coming back. And keep a regular eye on.

If you need something specific get in touch and we will sort it out, and more than happy for you to contact us via email..