Hexes or hexagons ‘Hex is the Question’

Hexes or hexagons ‘Hex is the Question’

we had originally octagon type base’s for the ships, in our first campaign in 2015 it was interesting as some of the gamers thought that we’re using it as part of a hexagon map. But an octagon doesn’t quite work like a hexagon does. This gave us some of the ideas that maybe we should go to a hexagon map.  At the time we thought the biggest blow to the campaign was at the ships weren’t on flight stands. Later we found out it was the rules that broke the campaign, and sure flight stands didn’t help either, people wanted to have the ships on flight stands.

That’s part of the draw of having a ship game especially an airship game, the ships should be in the sky floating, mounted on a ship Stand.  what I designed the ships I was thinking more of mold making and having less errors than having the flight stands. Even today I’m sitting on hundreds of ships with the old octagon base. But this leads us to the hexagons.


One of the suppliers were using now has a standard hexagon acrylic plastic base with a peg hole,  a peg is  a simple design, easy to use and it works. And if we buy enough of them we will hits our price point which is good business for us as well. (One of the things that were very proud of is that we’re trying to be a US manufacturer company. And having most of our parts or things that we use manufactured in the US obviously some of this is impossible, some things just have to be outsourced and am sorry to say but it’s true. The main components will be made in the United States and that’s a big deal us.)

Cloud Hexes for Mat or Gmae Table set up
Cloud Hexes for Mat or Game Table set up

Also we  needed some type of game board for the hexagons to be played on.. So how does this help gameplay or things we are very interested in the beginning.
The ease of movement really sped the game up, I know we talk a lot about speed and for some you guys out there who don’t mind waiting 35 minutes for the other force to move all their miniatures, set up set up ranges, measure for ranges, and then figure out who shoots at all the other stuff that goes with skirmish game, yet we felt we wanted a more dynamic game. We were focusing on the movement of the game on how fast you can use your finger to measure by counting the hexagons to the target ship simple.

Some of the gameplay is also considered very simple as well but most things start off simple enough and get complicated through different elements of game cards and game scenarios which makes it fun. I have personally used a hexagon board for all of my battles in the last 6 months  without any problems. And with the smaller miniatures they fit really nice and it’s easy to use. It’s simple you have a range of six on your Cannon check the firing arc then use your finger count out up to six hexagons and the closest enemy ship to your ship is the target. Simple then we simply roll a D20 roll over the armor look on the overage chart with the power rating of the Cannon and you’ll know how much damage was done. The additives to the game enters when, if the defender uses cards, uses crew, diverts damage, creates heavy clouds cover, etc.

Cloud Hexes for Mat or Game Table set up
Cloud Hexes for Mat or Game Table set up

Many different things, aspects all add additives or subtracts to the attack. Something that sounded very simple in the first place can be very complicated depending on what your enemy does and how they protect their ships with what cards they use from their deck. So we use a hexagon board, for now.

However we are also looking into the future of getting printed large game mats which could be used in the future games with players area’s for the cards layouts. (Designer Matt’s note: Really?? always nice to be the last to be told… :p)

Another idea that came up were separate hexagons that would allow players to assemble as a board each time, as it could allow for special effects or board tiles with rare runes that if they came into play with another or certain played cards resulted in a unique effect. This is still an idea being bounced around and could be that they are used in a different way or allow us to expand the game.

It maybe that we release these in a way that see’s them, as Matt Suggested recently single printed card hex’s that are dropped into random boxes, given as promotional items, gifts, booster boxes, etc.

These single pieces are placed on the board/mat in a random place. So they always offer unique opportunities for variance and chance in a more random way. Or even not at all, that’s what’s so exciting about game design, it constantly evolves.

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