Generation one ships ‘The early birds’

Generation one ships ‘The early birds’

I know I’ve mentioned before in Facebook and twitter that we were going to have the removable cannons to be able to be glued onto the ship. This is still going to happen, but like others have mentioned ‘you can strive and push for excellence, and never release a single product.’ I think now that the focus should be getting the product done first, and having a completed product.

Generation two ships or 3rd Gene will have the blank Slate of the ship with multiple choice engines to choose from, and a Cannon pack to decide which cannons to place on their ships. This way people can use neodym magnets to make quick swap outs.

This takes time with mold making and costly 3D printing so I feel at this time it’s better to have the cannons on the ships from the mold making process for generation one. And of course as things improve along with costs and other variables generation two will be available next year. For the success of Sky Relics having a product available-for-sale this year generation one ships need to be complete and ready for packaging. And that is the difficult part, being able to say stop, this is what we have now and how we are going to progress. I could spend the next ten years designing clever new ships and that is the danger of chasing a dream.

Those that are also familiar with the earlier box designs that we’ve done, we are switching over to a clamshell packaging of plastic, to add to the look and make quicker changes to point of sales.. We hope it’s with excitement that you the buyer are happy with our decisions. It is our job to produce products well and in a timely fashion to be ready for market, we hope sometime this year and this will help us meet our goals.

Generation two ships are exciting to me, for I see the possibilities of different ship engines and ship cards with those engines giving the player higher strategy customization of their ships. And further playing styles to meet their needs.

However 2nd Gen ships are too early at this stage, we realized that to introduce them now would mean also making massive changes to things like rules and the game cards, this quickly alters the game’s dynamic and can be a game breaker, as it alters certain aspects of play making some rules incompatible. And that neatly takes me in a circular argument to a previous comment about the game designer may be able to understand the rules and make such tweaks in their head but new gamers and their understanding of gaming language cannot.

So we will instead focus on other important aspects of the game, like more expansive store and consumer play testing game, writing final designs packaging, and a complete line of ships available to you the gamer. We also need to make some money to help push design and concepts through, and the more feedback we get also allows for the 2nd/3rd Gen ships to reflect the consumer’s requirements as well.


We are excited to bring a ship game to the market, I feel that other players feel like we do that the market has been needing something like this for a while. And were happy to bring this exciting game to your hands. After all companies like FF showed that ship games like X-Wing appeal on many fronts and levels.

As we get feedback from the play testing groups will be making adjustments and to the rules in order to accommodate what we have learned and what is needed to be made a better game.

So keep an reading our blogs and learning as we go along more about Sky Relics and the world of Targus.

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