Relic Hunters

Relic Hunters is a solo or co-op board game where the Hunters enter derelict relic ships and abandoned looking for loot.

What awaits them is more than just loot…

Thoughts and mussings on game design and progress…


Game Classes

The game now has five classes of hunters! One of the classes is the Mystics who use soul energy to cast spells during the game. The Mystics have powers that allow them slow monsters down and speed up other hunters, among other things.

Dunwrick Soul Mage
This is a young Mystic, Dunwrick. He is a Randain sent to help in the matters of the monsters and to learn for his people how to battle the unseen monsters that are coming to the world. He is young and powerful for his age and wants to save as many people he can.










Game Thoughts

So after talking to a few other game designers from Kublacon, custom dice are cool but can be very costly, and I’d rather spend the money on the miniatures production. With that in mind, we decided to make a bigger Hunter  board!

We’ve also decided to try using energy in phases. There will be a slider on top of the Hunter board that will help with many things in gameplay. The boards are crude for now for playtesting, but we feel this should open new possibilities for our mechanics.