Community and what it means ‘Playing well with others’

Community and what it means
‘Playing well with others’

I am truly blessed to be a part of a gaming community full of helpful gamers, and other small companies or start-ups that are trying to make their mark on the market. Since becoming part of the social media revolution I’ve spoken to few different companies about their products and what they offer. I’m still amazed that in this industry with all the product secrecy and protection,  that people are very friendly and very helpful.

We are happy to help each other, to chat about our failures and the pitfalls, to speak with a voice that is understanding and informative.

I have been lately working on a few weapon designs for a friend who has been working  on their Kickstarter at the moment. They reached out and needed some help, didn’t know what their stretch goals might not be.

I respect that, giving too much, results in that issue of over promising that you can’t back up, or the reality that a promise can be harmful to the campaign. So I offered my advice from writing to my own Kickstarters and now I am in the process of designing a few weapons for this nice person.

They have taken their time out of their day to paint my ships, for the painting contest and for that I am always grateful, both to seeing what people have done, amazed at something cool with some of my products.

So I was honored to spend some of my personal time helping orcs Unlimited with some ideas for their Kickstarter,  as being a part of this small community it is my duty and honor to help as many as I can with the information or talents I may have.


Why though ? For many people have helped me to get where I am today with their talents and skills and I am blessed to have their help pushing me forward to the great expectations of my family and friends who know the the game we making can be exciting for the gamer to play.

I have read many blogs of fellow game writers and designers trying to help others with some of the mistakes or successes they may have had.

And that’s what all of this has been about and writing about how we can help each other. And I am looking forward to being more part of this community as a years goes by. For we are a community.

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