Cards and living Cards

Cards and living Cards

Some excitement from the developers and game testers as the living deck building system develops. With an added flair, like most living deck building systems they eliminate the need to buy booster packs for all the cards you need as they are already in the main set. We offer the main set of cards in the box set of course which is more

than enough the play many games and formulate many different strategies. However. But the booster packs themselves also comes with cards sometimes unique or duplicates of what’s in the box set. These cards are not needed to win or engage in a pay to win system. It’s an added bonus to the booster pack that comes with the ships. The cards that are in the booster packs will eventually be in the next expansion set for the game. You just get them early in the booster packs. But they will all be available in a box set as a living card game.

Now why does a living card game go and offer unique cards, does not make a mockery of the idea. Not really, the unique’s are specials, rare items of power and tech from the gods, they offer special abilities from the single card. However a clever player can get the same effect by playing a card combo, it’s just that these unique’s allow SR to add in and combine some of the unique and expansive background as the world expands out onto the market. It’s more a special offer and thank you or a gift and bit of a promo rather than anything else.

The second reason for the living card system is that during early stages one of the designers Matt raised concern that he loved the concept yet did not want to see the game escalating into a ‘pay to win’ style game, but rather that skill, tactics and chance had a part to play. It’s a valid point and you do see some games both card and tabletop where it becomes a cash arms race. For us that’s not much fun, a game should engage you, make you want to play again and again, to develop ideas and tactics, to engage others, to game.

Now back to one dice,  we use a lot of cards for the game, in fact I can say with pride that this is a mostly card game for the most part. The offer both ship, weapon information and tactical play.

But why have the dice then simple to add that element of randomness??

See in other card games attacks are guaranteed, defenses are guaranteed, unless the card is played or an element is used to divert the guaranteed affects. But with the dice there is no guarantees, and it’s simple if you use all the cards in your hands then you still have a way to attack every round or do some formal combat with the dice. And we still have our randomness. As we spoke earlier in a different blog post how the rounds of the cannon fire can hit the ship in a weird angle, or bounce off the heavy plate armor. Or come crashing through the side of the ship doing more damage than what thought was possible. Again variables are important in any game to have.

But we didn’t want the dice to slow down the game with all the card use that we have intended to use, we tried to use multiple D6  or even D8 or using 2D10 which would all had similar effects. But why the D20 because it’s fast and decisive in adding bonuses to it doesn’t take forever of calculation. I’m not trying to justify why were using one die or even why we’re using a D20, considered to be a RPG dice and not a wargaming nor skirmish dice,  classically D6. But who said this is a classic skirmish game, I don’t think we ever did, what were offering are things that’s not quite conventional and we like it that way.

We don’t want this to be the normal skirmish game, to finish a small skirmish in three hours or roll 60 dice to attack with in one wave just to have most of them roll under 4 and miss anyway. What’s the difference, time maybe? And we hope that the gamers see the thoughts and process that we put into this game and understand what we have tried to accomplish.

Any questions or ideas or thoughts on the D20 please send us messages either through Facebook or twitter or email me personally I would love to see them.

Thank you and keep gaming, having fun in this great hobby of ours.

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