A dream and the dreamer

A dream and the dreamer

This game started out as a dream many people said it was a hobby for me years ago. But I believed it could be done, I believed that this game could be on the shelves one day. I worked for a while on different ideas, concepts and styles trying to make the best game I would buy myself. Years ago, I would sell my game at the local convention markets, just an RPG book, nothing special. However people they liked it and it gave me the encouragement to keep going. Then in 2009 I found Zbrush a product that changed my life something that I can do with the love of art.

My son was born with severe asthma and almost died and his first year of life. It changed me as a person, I spent a lot of time in the hospital with him and my art suffered and my my opportunities went away. I had chosen my family over my career many people feel that I was mistake having my son on my chest, can’t breathe cried if I left. So I laid there in the hospital with him, with my son, in some of the toughest times of my life but I got through it.
However my dream had never left, I have a love of games it started when I was young and I always wanted to make my game.

I have seen many different people coming and then go who had dreams too, either their dream became impossible for them to achieve it or it became too much work to hold it in their hand. I soldiered on working to my dream, the world that I have made haunts me in my physical dreams at night I see the world vividly I see the characters talking to me I see the ships flying in the great skies of Targus. How do you stop a dream when a dream won’t stop dreaming for you, I soldier on fighting for my dream, to others gaming was given to them in the industry they fell into that ‘good timing, good good luck’.

I have fought and scratched my way to work today with the 3D art that I’ve learned to do and the 3d printers. Such technology has come so far I felt that I could do this and I ordered my first miniature. The dream was becoming possible, I held the golem in my hand, and i was and still am excited to see something that was born from screen to reality, the future has finally come to this world. I feel blessed to be a part of the 3D community with the 3D printers and it’s amazing to see how technology is changing my life along with the gaming generation of today.

I am standing on the very frontier of the next stage of gaming evolution and design, when anyone with an idea can push into that new frontier. Each day my dream becomes more reality and less digital fantasy, and I soldier on for the dream. I am living life as a game developer, and I will aim high and strive like others in the hobby to be that powerful game company, and it can happen.

Thank you so much for being a part of these blogs, for reading some of my inner thoughts again thank you.

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